Austin Gay & Lesbian

For decades now, Austin has been a mecca for gays and lesbians in the state of Texas. Part of this reason is because of the university but it is also due to people here simply being more accepting of others than you find in some areas. Here are just a few events for the queer community in Austin.

Enjoy a monthly gay skate at Skate World, located at 9514 Anderson Mill Rd. This fun and inclusive event is open to both young and old and is a safe and inclusive environment for everyone. This event is also open to those folks who will be using rollerblades. For first timers and experienced skaters, this is the event for you.

The Bouldin Creek Coffeehouse plays host to a monthly queer performance night. Located at 1501 South First, the coffeehouse serves up fresh, dark roast and laughs by the dozen. A great, all ages night out for the whole family.

Head to Charlie’s for a night you won’t soon forget! Have a wonderful meal for a low price and then stick around for a night of adults-only entertainment. Have a tasty steak or chicken meal followed by a night of stripping from locals. Dance until the wee hours of the morning and have a great time at Charlie’s.

A night at Oilcan Harry’s is a night you will remember for a long time. Enjoy crazy drink specials and amateur strip nights that will get your blood pumping. Located on 211 W. Fourth, this bar is close to everything and it a popular destination for both queer customers and straights. Enjoy a truly upscale environment that you will love to visit over and over.

Austin Pride is held every year during the first week in June. The event grows every year to include more days, more music, more dancing, more rainbows and more fun. The biggest event of the week is the pride parade, which is a sight to behold. If you are a pride veteran or a first time viewer, you won’t want to miss this yearly event in beautiful Austin, Texas. Don’t miss it!

Support Black GST

Our specific demands:

  • Detente (end of war)
  • Recognition of Sovereignty Act (to be passed by Parliament and added to the Constitution)
  • Treaty process entered (this is a long process, but authentic steps and resources could be committed to demonstrate good faith)

We are maintaining an ongoing campaign for these issues to be recognised and acted upon by the Australian Government. This is a national campaign of primary importance for all people living in this country, indigenous and non-indigenous.

Our initial call and first campaign was for the Stolenwealth Games in Melbourne, 15-26 March 2006, and the visit to Australia by the Queen. Our news and events pages covers much of what took place, principally around the Convergence of indigenous and non-indigenous supporters that coalesced into Camp Sovereignty in the Kings Domain, Melbourne.
Custodianship of the Sacred Flame lit there has been passed to the Camp Sovereignty Crew, and the Black GST is planning the next phase of our long term struggle against the injustices that lie at the foundation of this nation, and our concern that they are ongoing and being swept under the rug.