What You Should Know About Acanthosis Nigricans

What is it? The first question that most people ask, whether reading the term for the first time or seeing the signs of the condition on their own bodies is ‘what is it?’ Acanthosis Nigricans is a skin condition that is relatively common, but highly unsightly and not something that most individuals would want to contend with. It results in areas of thick, darkly colored skin patches, which are typically seen around the neck, armpits, knees, elbows, or on the inner thighs, though it can occur elsewhere. Due to the skin increasing in thickness, the area can appear cracked or injured.

Why Did I Get it? This skin condition is often seen at spas where people come to speak to an HcG doctor. Austin has seen increased obesity rates in recent decades, which has led to far more cases of this skin condition. People who carry excess weight on their frames are naturally at an increased risk of Acanthosis Nigricans and that risk gets even more dramatic when an overweight person is diagnosed with diabetes. However, there are other conditions that put a person at risk, including Addison’s disease, pituitary gland disorder, and hypothyroidism. Also, use of oral contraceptives or growth hormone therapy can lead to the skin condition. In all actuality, any condition or behavior that encourages fluctuations in hormone or insulin levels within the body can lead to Acanthosis Nigricans. More research is needed to determine exactly why the hormonal changes cause the change in the skin.

How Can I Get Rid of It? The first recommendation that will be made to a patient diagnosed with this skin disorder, after others tests are run to determine the cause, is to make changes to diet. Because certain foods can cause insulin spikes and poor eating habits can lead to increased body weight, dieting is the very first step to getting rid of Acanthosis Nigricans. There are also over-the-counter cosmetic products that can help erase the dark spots, including alpha hydroxyacids and salicyclic acid. A laser spa can treat the area with microdermabrasion or a laser facial. Austin doctors routinely use these methods to improve the look and feel of skin. Microdermabrasion is a process that involves stripping the first layer of skin to reveal smoother, more evenly toned skin beneath, whereas a laser facial relies on intense, direct light to improve skin texture and tone.

Can I Prevent it? Knowing the risk factors is the very best way to prevent this skin condition. If you are diabetic, obese, or have been diagnosed will an illness that impacts your hormone levels, it is essential that steps be taken to correct the problem before Acanthosis Nigricans develops. Weight loss should be a primary goal of any person who is considered to be obese, even if this skin condition is not a concern. If you are having difficulties shedding unwanted pounds or gaining control of your blood sugar levels, then you should speak to your physician about your options. There is help for those who need to lose weight quickly, and with the right guidance they can be both safe and effective.

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