Eco-Friendly Roof Options

These days, it seems as if almost everyone is working to go green. From choosing rain barrels to help water the garden over the trusty hose to planting trees on every corner, everyone is working to do their part today. If you’re looking into roof repair or roof replacement, you may wonder what you can do to go green. Fortunately, there are lots of eco-friendly options you can consider.

As you look into replacement or roof repair, in Sugarland, TX, you may want to first ask your contractor what options they happen to have available. Doing a little research beforehand may help as well. A cool roof is one choice you may want to consider. These are also often called white roofs. They are made of reflective materials, and that means that they keep the building or home you live in far cooler. You can get these in a number of forms including asphalt shingles and metal roofs. Cool roofs have to have a Solar Reflectance Index rating of at least 29 for a steep slope and 78 for a roof with a low slope. The benefits of this type of roofing are clear. They use less energy because they have lower cooling requirements. What’s more, though, is that they can be retrofitted and they’re fairly affordable. Keep in mind, though, that they’re not as aesthetically pleasing as many would like. They can also be a bit cold in the winter.

Roof repair professionals may also encourage you to look into metal roofs. Most of them have those advantages that many cools roofs do, but there’s usually more to them than that. They are seriously durable and very little maintenance is usually required for this type of roofing. What’s more, though, is that they’re a step greener than cool roofs because they can be constructed from recycled materials. They come in a number of different shapes and sizes too as well as a variety of different colors. Whether you’re talking about a traditional building or home or something a bit more modern, metal roofs often fit into the design scheme in a way other green roofing options just can’t. The only real drawback with this choice is that they can be a bit costly at the outset, so you may pay more to get it put on than you would with other choices.

One other green choice you may want to consider is a solar roof. People have long complained about the bulky, awkward appearance of solar panels, but now there are solar shingle options that help to seamlessly integrate solar power options into your roof. In most cases, people won’t even notice that you have solar panels on your roof, and with more designs being introduced every day, you’re likely to find one that will meet your needs. As with the metal roofing, the real drawback with this choice is that it’s more expensive than many others so a little shopping around is an absolute must.

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