Support Black GST

Our specific demands:

  • Detente (end of war)
  • Recognition of Sovereignty Act (to be passed by Parliament and added to the Constitution)
  • Treaty process entered (this is a long process, but authentic steps and resources could be committed to demonstrate good faith)

We are maintaining an ongoing campaign for these issues to be recognised and acted upon by the Australian Government. This is a national campaign of primary importance for all people living in this country, indigenous and non-indigenous.

Our initial call and first campaign was for the Stolenwealth Games in Melbourne, 15-26 March 2006, and the visit to Australia by the Queen. Our news and events pages covers much of what took place, principally around the Convergence of indigenous and non-indigenous supporters that coalesced into Camp Sovereignty in the Kings Domain, Melbourne.
Custodianship of the Sacred Flame lit there has been passed to the Camp Sovereignty Crew, and the Black GST is planning the next phase of our long term struggle against the injustices that lie at the foundation of this nation, and our concern that they are ongoing and being swept under the rug.